Made in a weekend for the Stop Waiting For Godot Jam. This was my first time using Godot!

Press space bar to jump. That's it. The terrain is procedurally generated, so difficulty may vary between attempts.

Art made in Aseprite

Music made in Beepbox

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AuthorAsh K
Tags2D, Dinosaurs, Pixel Art


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Nice game ! Really like the handmade visuals, they are really pleasing to the eye ! Same goes for the music. I also dig the variable jump height and parallax. Maybe some sort of flight that drains your energy to jump over long gaps could be interesting (?). Anyways cheers on your game m8


Great art! On a glance it seems like the end usually comes from a tricky terrain combination, like a small bump before a hole and right after a hill - otherwise you can run forever (?)


Super Cute!


adorable little game! i love the art and the fact that you have variable jumping. well done for a first godot game !!!


This game is surprising fun, and the ending is reasonable lol

btw, the dino is looking kinda... THICC