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2021 EDIT: Flash is dead, and so is this game. I'm leaving my small graveyard of Flash games here anyway.

Dastardly Holdings LLC is one of the biggest criminal organizations in the world. Their criminal dealings reach every corner of the globe.

However, they are far from the only criminal superpower. Recently, a deal between Dastardly Holdings and European Allied went south and the EA reps want blood. Rumor has it that DH will be sending a high-level rep to a dinner gathering with 4 other business superpowers.

You have been hired by European Allied to infiltrate the gathering dressed as a caterer, to discover which of the reps are from Dastardly Holdings, and to eliminate them

You must solve logic puzzles to figure out what sort of trap to set to discreetly eliminate your target, using their allergies against them.

NOTE: You WILL need a pen and paper for this game. There are also 5 possible scenarios, restart the game to randomly choose a new one!

Designed and Created for Ludum Dare 32: "An Unconventional Weapon"

By Ash K, Rev. Lord Dr. Lorin Grieve, and Brandon L

Tested by Iain Hopwood

Music by DeceasedSuperiorTechnician

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorAsh K
TagsLudum Dare 32